Beat Your Competition

How to beat your competition into the ground...
and keep them there.

78% of salespeople say they wish they were more organized.

73% of sales are lost because of lack of follow-up.

  • What do you use to track your prospects?
  • A pile of scrap paper?
  • A spiral notebook?
  • A spreadsheet?
  • It is time to get real.

    You will salivate at the power The Ultimate Sales Tool gives you and your sales team.

    Our system requires very little setup and instant use. Go ahead and look at the other CRM products out there. Read their claims, even try their systems. And look to see if they certify instructors to help maximize their system. Our philosophy here is, If you have to certify instructors to help people use your system, it is TOO complex.

    Customer Resource Management (CRM) is THE way to increase sales and grow business.

    CRM is a buzz word in sales today. The reality is you must manage both customers AND prospects.

    Managing prospects is how you win customers.
    Managing customers is how you keep them and get them to advertise for you through word-of-mouth.

    Hey sales manager:
    We know you are not organized either. Get your exclusive invitation to use The Ultimate Sales Tool, and see how reporting by your salespeople is automated saving them time, and giving you real-time access to what is going on with your sales force.

    "I don’t need this."
    Here at The Ultimate Sales Tool, we rack our brains daily trying to figure out a business that could NOT benefit from better prospect and customer management. Do you think your business can not benefit?